Grandpa’s Special Ties

Teddy bears made from men’s silk ties take more time to create and  more thought in the planning but they are the most fun for me to make.


The stories behind the ties are what makes my task fun! When removing the padding and stitching from the tie, I always wonder which tie was the most favorite? Which one did he wear on his first day of work or his last day of work. Look this one has a guitar on it! Most of the time the person who is ordering the bear requests a specific tie be positioned in a special place on the bear or tells me which is their favorite tie. Making it even more fun for me.

Recently, I made a teddy bear for a granddaughter’s first birthday! Grandpa has retired and no longer wears a tie everyday. The ties were an expression of him and all he enjoys, the one with the guitar went on the bear’s belly, the favorite Jerry Garcia tie become the ears and the foot pads, the ties with the company logo went into the legs and arms, and that favorite tie from an overseas trip became the bow tie.

It was a joy to make this keepsake gift to mark her first birthday. I can hear Grandma and Grandpa sharing stories about each of the ties, where they came from and how they represented special events in their lives.

I am so thankful and grateful for the opportunity to create one of a kind handmade gifts that bring joy and comfort. Please feel free to contact me with your questions or if you need more information,

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